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May 14 2018

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You’re just a typical Kenyan girl. 

Rafiki (2018) | dir. Wanuri Kahiu

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This one was a little bit more challenging to do than I thought it would be – and that was mostly in all the detail (RIP) ,as well as figuring out ways to adapt a Klimt-esque look to Howl. It was really tempting to put him in his pink jacket since it lends itself to rectangular form so well. However I just had to go and make things difficult for myself… because I love his transformed version!

Based on Klimts ‘The Kiss’ (1907-1908)

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What kind of dog is this

A very good dog. @skeleton-richard




Writing good romance is so difficult because the entire plot is based on character interactions and producing chemistry. The readers need to believe in the love, whether the hero and heroine have known one another for a week or for years. We need to believe.

So often I see ppl criticize the romance in books and it comes off as them hating romance and I’m like no no no no no, a well done romance is an exquisite piece of writing. It’s not romance in general that sucks, it’s bad romance that sucks. Insta love with no chemistry. Relationships with no conflict. Badly written heroes. Those romances suck.

But romance books? Written by masters of the genre? Those are amazing. 


It’s easy to write bad romance, because good romance requires a near-doctorate level understanding of human psychology and motivations.

Here’s the thing… certain emotions are easy to evoke and others are very hard to master and write. 

Anger. Hate. Rage. Fear. <– negative emotions are the easiest to write because they rely on primal instinct programmed into the human brain by thousands of years of evolution. Within cultures there are certain things that will always evoke rage (and this is why not all books translate well to other cultures). Certain fears are universal. 

Every bestseller every written has a Universal Fear driving at least the opening act of the book if not the whole book itself. Most bestsellers use “I fear I am worthless.” or “I fear death.” as their driving focus. Everything from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE to HARRY POTTER has used this and it’s why it sells so well. 

It’s also why Romance isn’t taken seriously at times. 

Romance promises as a happy romantic ending. Which means the two most common universal fears are utterly erased by the genre requirements alone. No one is going to die. The characters are going to be loved and feel worthwhile by the end of the book. 

Since readers are programmed by society to instinctively fear those things some people have trouble relating to a romance story where they must latch onto something other than fear to get through a book.

Joy. Humor. Laughter. Happiness.  <— positive emotions are really hard to write because they are complex emotions. There is nothing that makes people universally happy. I know, it’s shocking. Not kittens. Not puppies. Not a mother’s love. That thing you love, adore, and can’t live without? Yeah, someone hates it.

This is why writing satire or humor is so difficult. It’s why happy books are dismissed as fluffy or silly. They have a much narrower audience. The author has to reach into the reader’s head and manipulate their emotions so that they can feel soaring triumph. There isn’t a shortcut to writing happiness.

LOVE. <– Such a complex thing. Little understood. Hard to define. Ever roving about. Love, especially sexual and romantic love, are so individual that there will never be a One Size Fits All.  

When an author sets out to write a romance they have to convince the reader not only to abandon fear but they have to write humans who are complex, convincing, and through storytelling explain the psychology of these individuals so the reader goes, “Yes, yes! I see it! I see why these two are perfect together and could never be with anyone else!” 

It’s at once something many people have an innate talent for (hello, shippers!) and that many people don’t understand. Understanding love requires a very unselfish, un-egocentric view of the world. You have to think like someone else. And then, as the author, you have to create a way for a reader to easily step into the mind of someone else and understand this attraction without using shortcuts like “I saw her and got a boner. It’s love!” Because that isn’t. 

It’s easy to write bad romance. It’s easy to use shortcuts and script the book like a film. But where films can rely on music and facial expressions to convey the complexity of emotion a writer only has words. There is no soundtrack for Chapter 7. There is no set of words in the English language that properly express the depth of feeling, the longing and desire, of seeing someone you treasure turn and smile at someone else and knowing from the depths of your soul that you would give up everything just to keep them smiling. 

Writing a good romance means balancing internal and external conflict, knowing a person’s weaknesses and strengths, and pairing them with someone(s) who fill in their gaps, boost their strengths, and make them happy at the same time. And then, after all of that, you have to find readers who will understand and appreciate the characters you’ve written. You have to make the reader fall in love too. 

Done well Romance is the most complex literary form. 

Done poorly it’s just bad writing. 

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dirty computer → third studio album and emotion picture by janelle monáe

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I just wanna paint the town. I don’t wanna hide my love.
I just wanna hold your hand and be the one that you think of
When you need a holiday, when you wanna drink rosé
I just wanna paint your toes, and in the morning, kiss your nose
‘Cause when I’m with you, I don’t feel afraid. Maybe this love will indoctrinate
I echo every word that you say. The way you feel, yeah, I feel the same way.
Remember the night when I combed your hair? I hope I didn’t freak you out when I stared.
I donate my truth to you like I’m rich. The truth is, love ain’t got no off switch.
So if the walls come tumbling down, and if the ocean really does drown, and if my memories never come back, I’ll still remember where we first was naked at.
Picture our faces and new oases. When we made love, we left many traces.

Janelle Monae & Tessa Thompson in Dirty Computer (2018)




petition and information

Everyone reblog this. A girl is about to be executed because she stood up to her rapist. Seriously, it takes you one second, and could save her life.

May 08 2018


My heart does a little “!” when I see you

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Luci by Kevin Wada.



The bit in Deadpool where he accidentally leaves his bag full of guns in the car because they didn’t have the budget for any gun SFX in the final confrontation is literally the cinematic equivalent of a webcomic artist going “I blew it up because it was taking too long to draw”.

@personaqueen replied:

Is…is that actually why they did that scene?

Yep - last-minute budget cuts. They couldn’t even afford extra gun props at that point; if you watch carefully, you’ll see that the taxi scene is shot so that you only ever actually see Wade handling one particular gun, and the inside of the duffel bag is never visible. It was reportedly mostly full of socks.

I’m curious, how many houses have you lived in? answer in the tags

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Lupita Nyong’o for Grazia Magazine photographed by An Le.

May 07 2018

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First meeting by artist Hazelgee [x]

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I went to Walmart and found this onesie and immediately thought of Yurio

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Zendaya Coleman | Harper’s Bazaar

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Today’s Sunday.

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